Social Networking Strategies

Stay Connected, Build Relationships.

If you aren’t defining your brand in social media channels, rest assured, someone else is. Nothing can underscore the importance of what your customers, your competitors’ customers, and the public in general are saying about your brand. It’s imperative that companies listen to conversations about your brand, your campaigns, your keywords and your competitors. Not only do you need meaningful feedback on how your current programs are being received in the social media world, you need real-time feedback to begin contributing to those conversations. Horizon can help you listen to the right conversations; determine when to participate and when to sit-back, how to craft the most effective responses and how to convert industry-specific influencers to brand ambassadors.

Square Foot Social Media

Goals and Objectives Planning

Square Foot Advisors will work with you to identify and execute upon clearly established goals and objectives with a focus on specific, measurable results. These may include changed awareness, understanding, opinions, attitudes, preferences and or changed behavior by a target audience(s).

We can help you identify the resources needed for success, whether internal or external.

Social Media Audit

This is a necessary first step to assess the volume and nature of recent conversations about your brand or company, along with those of your competitors. With your input, Horizon will identify terms and keywords relevant to your business and identify your top competitors. Horizon completes this audit by measuring recent activity in the social media sphere and reporting on volume, media type, keywords and trends using deep metrics and detailed analysis, and providing specific examples tailored for each client. The end result is measureable data to assist you with measuring your social media campaign success.


Square Foot Advisors gives you the power to listen across the social media sphere for conversations about and around your brand or company. Find relevant company and brand references on millions of blog posts, videos and photos, forums, mainstream online news, and micro media sites like Twitter and Friendfeed. Real-time monitoring brings you critical insights and the ability to quickly discover which conversations are having the most impact online.


Listening is more than just collecting information; the right analytics are critical. With Horizon’s social media measurement, you'll be able to drill down into the data to see what content is making an impact, what needs to be managed or addressed, and even what areas of the social media sphere are driving the most website activity and conversion for your brand. Conversations can be segmented and sorted to produce data most relevant to you.


Horizon can manage responses on your behalf, or we can provide you with training and data for your team to provide responses. We can proactively engage your audience on outposts or channels such as blogs, forums, micro media such as Twitter, video sites such as YouTube, image sites such as Flickr and other channels appropriate for your message and your target audience. These outposts engage readers, and those readers are encouraged to visit your website or blog for more information.