Instant Productivity Programs for Groups and Teams

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As a leader of a real estate group or team, the idea of managing a bunch of salespeople and support staff may have sounded easy during the 'idea' phase. But if you are like most successful salespeople, transitioning to that leader/manager role is not always easy.

Staffing, training, turnover, systems and procedures integration are all necessary for a smoothly running operation. On top of all those issues you also have to sell real estate. Juggling this can be challenging for the best of business people.

Your best moments are spent face-to-face with your clients. You will never achieve a higher 'dollar-per-hour' level of earnings than when you are with your seller working to get a listing or helping to negotiate an offer for your buyer.

So why spend time on non-productive, non-revenue generating items...

Square Foot Advisors Productivity Toolkit for real estate groups and teams provide the necessary components to help you better manage you 'back-office' operations, leaving you more time to sell real estate.

Part of our Productivity Toolkit includes:

  • A ready-to-use real, estate-centric business plan geared to focus on setting targets and goals for your team.
  • A review of your existing compensation and incentive program with recommended enhancements.
  • A staffing review of your needs and business plan.
  • Creation of your own Sales-focused Procedures Manual (steps to take with a new listing, open house, deals in contract, etc.)
  • An assessment of your existing contact management system (Outlook/BB, Excel Spreadsheet, Index Cards, etc.) and implements a new web-based system.
  • A defined set of workflow automations designed to deliver immediate, intelligent responses to your web inquiries, lead generations and client follow ups including alerts for tasks based on your new Procedure Manual.
  • Training and hiring of your support team.
  • Administrative support in a full-time or 'overflow' capacity depending on your current support.
  • Guidance on marketing strategies and technologies
  • Connections to the leading real estate sales and marketing trends in the industry.

Critical Items In Our Toolkit


  • Ready to use Business Plan
  • Analysis of your deals and existing business
  • Identification of sales and support jobs
  • Review of your current Contact database
  • Current marketing/branding assessment
  • Assessment of your existing procedures


  • A Customized, web-based Procedure Manual
  • Templates for critical forms and letters
  • Job descriptions and training
  • Compensation and Incentive Program
  • Implementation of Square Foot's Contact Management System
  • Attend weekly staff meetings
  • Weekly one-on-one progress meetings
  • Image and Brand Creation


  • Track deal activity and growth
  • Transition to website/social media presence.
  • Circle back to Business Plan for next level/stage
  • Target new team members

Get started today with a rapid assessment of your existing business strategy.