Instant Productivity Plans for Agents

The Salesperson's Keys to Success

As a real estate sales professional, you are constantly challenged with managing every aspect of your business by yourself. On one hand, this opportunity gives you what you've always wanted, the freedom to define how you conduct your business. However, on the other hand, it comes with an enormous amount of work, responsibility, discipline and demand for resources.

Managing all aspects of your business takes you away from where your highest and best use of time should be spent...face-to-face with your clients. You will never achieve a higher 'dollar-per-hour' level of earnings than when you are with your seller working to get a listing or helping to negotiate an offer for your buyer.

So why spend time on non-productive, non-revenue generating items...

Square Foot Advisors has a toolkit which is designed to help you manage the 'business' side of your business. It begins with setting up a easy to use and reliable system for managing your contacts and ends with marketing automation which ensures that your business and relationships are growing without any effort on your part.

Part of our Survival Toolkit includes:

  • A ready-to-use real estate-centric business plan.
  • An assessment of your existing contact management system (Outlook/BB, Excel Spreadsheet, Index Cards, etc.) and implements a new web-based system.
  • A defined set of workflow automations designed to deliver immediate, intelligent responses to your web inquiries, lead generations and client follow ups.
  • Administrative support in a full-time or 'overflow' capacity depending on your current support.
  • Guidance on marketing strategies and technologies
  • Connections to the leading real estate sales and marketing trends in the industry.

Critical Items In Our Toolkit


  • Ready to use Business Plan
  • Analysis of your deals and business
  • Review of your current Contact database
  • Current marketing/branding assessment


  • Implementation of Square Foot's CRM platform
  • Identify administrative supoprt needs and solutions
  • Weekly one-on-one meeting for progress
  • Image and Brand Creation


  • Track deal activity and growth
  • Transition to website/social media presence.
  • Circle back to Business Plan for next level/stage

Get started today with a rapid assessment of your existing business strategy.